Recenzii Restaurante Restaurant Peperoni Brasov Restaurant bucatarie Internationala

Restaurant Peperoni detalii complete si telefon Restaurant Brasov Internationala judet Brasov regiune Restaurant Restaurant Peperoni

Restaurante judet Brasov Restaurant Peperoni bucatarie Internationala Brasov Restaurant

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Restaurant Peperoni

Lista detalii Restaurant Peperoni in orasul Brasov - BV, Restaurant cu bucatarie Internationala adresa Bulevardul 15 Noiembrie 26, Brasov
Restaurant Peperoni Brasov

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Detalii Restaurant Peperoni Detalii si info rezervari Restaurant Peperoni

Restaurant Peperoni

Tip Local:
Brasov - Restaurante in Brasov
Adresa (Vezi Harta)
Bulevardul 15 Noiembrie 26, Brasov ( judet Brasov, regiune | Restaurante judetul Brasov
746-97018 ( Fisso)

Program functionare Restaurant Peperoni

Rezervare Obligatorie:
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Sala de conferinte:
Pe strada
Aer Conditionat:
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Ambianta Restaurant Peperoni Atmosfera Restaurant Peperoni

Relaxanta [ ] Toate(i) Restaurante atmosfera Relaxanta in Brasov
Internationala - Restaurante bucatarie Internationala in Brasov
Preprate cu specific international, diverse sortimente de pizza, preparate fast food
Locuri afara : Nu
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Nume Bucatar
Nume Maitre
Nume Sommelier
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Va rugam sa votati calitatea serviciilor, atmosfera, bucatarie si impresia generala la Restaurant Peperoni, inainte de a trimite recenzia.

Bucatarie: 3.2/5
(594 Voturi )

Atmosfera: 2.9/5
(613 Voturi )

Servire: 3.1/5
(636 Voturi )

Calitatea: 3.1/5
(691 Voturi )

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Alte detalii Restaurant Peperoni

Zona de pret: 30,00-40,00 ron ( fara bauturi )

Modalitati de plata:

Acest local nu este disponibil in ghiduri de referinta.

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